James McAvoy's long-standing X-Men love

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May 31st, 2011

James McAvoy was "really aware" of 'X-Men' as a child.

The Scottish actor - who appears in the prequel of the movie franchise 'X-Men: First Class' alongside Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Holt - used to watch the cartoon about a group of mutants fighting evil forces, something which helped him understand the gravity of his role as Professor X.

He said: "I was really aware of the cartoon when I was growing up; I was about 12 years old when they started showing it on morning TV show 'Live & Kicking'.

"So I'd watch the first half of the cartoon then they'd make you wait an hour and fifteen minutes for the second half - it was ridiculous! Anyway, I was a big fan of that, and the films as well."

However, he accepts the movie franchise needed a revamp for the prequel, so took notes based on the performance of Professor X by Sir Patrick Stewart but tried to do things differently.

James told BANG Showbiz: "There's no point in having that same character just play the same way in every film. So I looked at Sir Patrick's performance and took a lot of notes, thinking about how I could make a difference. It was really important for me to start off in a different place to Patrick and try something new with this role."