Bryan Singer praises Nicholas Hoult's 'charm and innocence'

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April 14th, 2011

Nicholas Hoult was chosen for the role of Beast in 'X-Men: First Class' because he has "charm and innocence".

The 'Single Man' star picked up leading roles in both the 'X-Men' prequel - alongside James McAvoy and January Jones - and forthcoming movie 'Jack the Giant Killer', and Bryan Singer, who is involved in the production of both, said he was perfect for the parts.

He said: "He's a really fine actor, and he also has a charm and an innocence that I noticed when we cast him as Beast.

"He needed those qualities because in 'X-Men' he's this excitable scientist who's going through a transformation, and in Jack he's a lovestruck farmboy who also transforms in the movie.

"He falls for a princess and then goes off to rescue her. It's a very traditional fairytale."

The project is one of a number for the up-and-coming British actor - he is also signed on to star in 'Warm Bodies' about a relationship between a zombie and the girlfriend of one of his victims.