January Jones - housewife to mutant

June 1st, 2011

January Jones went from being a "housewife to a mutant" when she filmed 'X-Men: First Class'

The blonde actress took no time off from shooting her role as Betty Draper in TV series 'Mad Men' to starring as Emma Frost in the new 'X-Men' prequel, although it was something she was happy to do as she thought the opportunity wouldn't arise because of clashing schedules.

She said: "I had auditioned for both Emma Frost and Moira in Los Angeles. There was a month or two of shooting left on Mad Men and the movie wasn't supposed to start while we were still shooting.

"My impression was it wasn't going to work out, schedule-wise but then it got pushed so I was happily able to do it. The day after I wrapped 'Mad Men', I flew to London. There was no break. I went from being a 1960s housewife to a mutant."

January has come to prominence since her role in 'Mad Men', but she admits she no longer wants to play sad parts like her character Betty.

She said: "I say no to all the sad roles I'm offered. I'm sad for five months out of the year when I'm playing Betty. I don't really want to be sad at any other time."