Jason Schwartzman's on set panties

August 14th, 2010

Jason Schwartzman insisted on wearing women's underwear when filming 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World'.

The actor felt it would be appropriate for his character, 'evil ex' Gideon Graves to steal his girlfriend Ramona Flowers' pants and even wore the perfume of Mary Elizabeth Winstead - who plays his on screen lover - every day.

He is quoted by website Movie Retriever.com as saying: "I came up with this idea, mostly out of fear, that my character, Gideon Graves, by the time we meet him, he has Ramona Flowers back. I had this idea that my character flew from New York to Toronto with like just a carry-on bag and he didn't wear any underwear because he rarely wears underwear.

"They spent the night together and the next morning because she's his again and he wants ownership - he thinks in that way - he would have worn her underwear; to own her; to have her underwear on him. And I also wore her perfume every day.

"I asked the costume department to go find me some red silk panties. I came into my dressing room and there were 20 different pairs - silk, mesh, silk-mesh. Every day while I was working and while you watch Gideon Graves, he's wearing Ramona Flowers' panties."

Jason insists he is prepared to do whatever it takes to get into character in his films.

He added: "I've never been formally trained as an actor. For that reason, I don't really have one technique that's the exact same every time. So, I just kind of do the best I can. It's sort of like learning a new city. Every time it's just different."