Gerard Butler to play boxer Lenny McLean

August 17th, 2011

Gerard Butler is set to play notorious boxer Lenny McLean in a new movie.

The 'Bounty Hunter' actor is being lined up to take on the role of one of Britain's most famous bare-knuckle fighters in the film as producers see him as the ideal person to portray the man known as 'The Guv'nor'.

Insiders said the script - which is based on the book 'The Guv'nor Tapes' - aims to offer "an uncompromising account of his violent and notorious life from his humble beginnings in Hoxton, East London to boxer, bouncer, bare-knuckle fighter, actor, accused murderer and family man".

Jason Statham and Michael Fassbender are also on the wish list for producers if Butler doesn't sign up.

Justin Marciano and Nick Taussig - from production house Revolver Entertainment - will produce the film with Lenny McLean's son Jamie McLean.

Marciano said: "McLean's story typifies the sheer brutality of growing up in the East End of London through the post-War years, but it is also the journey of a man who finds redemption through the hellish world of bare-knuckle fighting."

Lenny - who was often referred to as the "hardest man in Britain" - died in 1998 aged 49, and the film 'Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels', in which he starred as Barry the Baptist, was dedicated to his memory.