Sylvester Stallone planning Expendables sequel

August 11th, 2010

Sylvester Stallone is planning an 'Expendables' sequel.

The action hero admits if the first movie is a success at the box office, he already has plans for a "radical" follow-up.

He told the Los Angeles Times: "If this does perform, I think it will open a little more liquidity in funding the sequel.

"I have an idea ready to go. People think doing a sequel is easy, but it's not because you need the element of surprise. I'm going to try and do something that's quite radical."

'The Expendables' - written by Stallone and Dave Callaham - features performances from Jason Statham and Jet Li, as well as cameos from action star Bruce Willis and the current governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Discussing the bodybuilder-turned-politician's role in the film, Stallone admitted he was delighted with the final product.

He said: "I saw his eyes light up. It's one thing to run a state, but it's another thing to get back to what you're really known for. Certain actors you're never going to see come down the pike again, and he's one of them."