Winona Ryder stars in Homefront

August 20th, 2012

Winona Ryder will star in 'Homefront.'

The 40-year-old actress will appear alongside Jason Statham and James Franco in the new movie - which has been written by Sylvester Stallone - and she will play a former biker chick who teams up with James' drug dealing villain.

The action thriller is based on a book by Chuck Logan, and it tells the story of a retired DEA agent whose peaceful town is over run by drugs and violence.

It is set to feature child star Izabela Vidovic in one of her first film roles and she is believed to be playing Jason's daughter Kit.

The 'Beetlejuice' actress - who was arrested for stealing designer clothes in 2001 - will start shooting the movie on September 24 in New Orleans and Gary Fleder has been lined up to direct it.

It is being made by the same team behind the hit 'Expendables' films, including Kevin King Templeton and Rene Besson.

Winona recently finished shooting 'The Iceman' - a thriller starring Chris Evans and Michael Shannon - and her next appearance is as the voice of Elsa van Helsing in Tim Burton's animated film 'Frankenweenie'.