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Jay Giannone was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts and grew up in Southie, in the Old Harbor projects. Growing up, Jay was in various break-dancing crews and evolved into a voice in the hip hop community as a rap artist. He was signed as a recording artist to various Record Labels. In 1996 he landed his 1st role in a tv series and continues to live his Mothers dream and has managed to find love for the art of Acting. Jay has been in such movies as: Safe, The Departed, Ordinary Men, The Game Plan, Gone Baby Gone, I Heart Huckabees, and Three Kings. He has also been on several Television shows including Pacific Blue and Entourage.

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Actor Jay Giannone spoke with us back in March 2012 about his role in the action film “Safe” and now we’ve had the chance to talk with him about his role in one of the biggest...
Recently, Movie Room Reviews had a chance to talk to Jay Giannone, one of the stars of the new action movie Safe. Jay was kind enough to tell us about his acting influences, his...

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