Jeff Bridges: 'Tron: Legacy was a challenge'

December 14th, 2010

Jeff Bridges felt "bizarre" while shooting 'Tron: Legacy' because so much of the set was computer generated.

The 61-year-old - who reprised the role of Kevin Flynn in the sequel to the 1982 movie - found the film to be a "very different way of working" because he had little around him with which to engage with.

He said: "It's bizarre, a very different way of working, and a challenge, because one of the things I enjoy as an actor is getting the costume or the scene - the place that tells you where you are.

"So, not having that, you have to go back into your childhood even more, when you didn't have all this great stuff - you have to pretend. If you were an Indian you had to use a coathanger for your bow."

Discussing his illustrious film career - which earlier this year hit a new high when he won an Oscar for his portrayal of drunken country singer Bad Blake in 'Crazy Heart' - Jeff admits he is "jazzed" because many of the projects he has worked on would be ones he would want to see at the cinema.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Every once in a while one will come along that transcends all of your expectations. So many things have to fall in place to make that happen, but when it does. Crazy Heart was certainly a movie like that. 'The Big Lebowski'. 'The Fabulous Baker Boys'. 'The Last Picture Show'. There's a bunch of them. I look back at my filmography and I'm pretty jazzed with the stuff I've been part of. They're all movies I'd like to see.'