"Alpha Males Experiment" Star Bio: Jennifer Alden

Photo Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films
February 28th, 2013

"Alpha Males Experiment" Star Bio: Jennifer Alden

-- Jennifer Alden was born on January 24, 1979. She hails from Santa Clara County in California. After graduating high school, Alden relocated from California to New Hampshire to attend the prestigious Dartmouth College. Alden enjoyed her time at Dartmouth, majoring in art history. While still in school, Alden appeared in an MTV series called "Undressed." She played Terry in three episodes. Alden also played the role of a frosty clique leader in "The Smokers" (2000).

After completing her undergraduate degree in 2001, Alden learned that Columbia University had accepted her application to a graduate program. At the last minute, Alden decided to follow her heart and take a different path in life. Instead of moving to New York, Alden moved back to California and began pursuing her acting career in earnest.

In her quest to hone her craft, Alden has studied with various coaches and attended several prestigious acting programs. She has taken part in San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater, as well as the Yale drama programs that occur over the summer. Alden also sharpened her improv work by working with The Groundlings. She has worked with Susan Giosa, a renowned acting coach based in California.

Over the years, Alden has appeared in a number of successful TV series and films. In 2003, she appeared in an episode of "That '70s Show" as Natalie. Beginning in 2004, Alden landed a recurring role on the Fox comedy "Quintuplets." In 2005, Alden appeared alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers," playing a bride on her big day. Alden has shown off her acting range in movies that range from lighthearted romantic comedies, such as "Blind Dating" (2006), to suspenseful horror flicks, such as "Fall Down Dead" (2007). Her acting credits also include "The Wizards of Waverley Place" (2009), in which Alden plays the villainous Giselle. In "Alpha Males Experiment," Alden portrays Ethan's demanding fiance.

In addition to her work as a TV and film actress, Alden has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She co-founded WhateverHollywood.com, producing catchy marketing videos for a number of major clients. Alden has also founded TheDarlingSites.com, where she writes practical and humorous guides about three of her main passions in life: desserts, weddings, and healthy eating. While she juggles her acting life and her work as an entrepreneur, Alden has settled in Los Angeles with her husband, Tyler. The couple shares their home with their dog, Charlie.