Wanderlust: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in the Film, On Set, and in the Media

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July 25th, 2012

Wanderlust: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in the Film, On Set, and in the Media

-- "Wanderlust" is a 2012 film directed by David Wain. The movie was originally developed and filmed in 2010. Jennifer Aniston (Linda) and Paul Rudd (George), the main stars, play a married couple who finds itself in a commune in Georgia after the economy ruins their hopes in New York. The initial storyline of the movie follows the two as they leave their hopes and dreams behind in the pressure of New York City.

After finding that their potential jobs, raises, and promotions have more or less been taken from them, one by downsizing and folding and the other having an HBO slot denied, the two sell their mini-loft in New York and begin traveling to Georgia where George's brother has offered him a job. Linda demands that the two stop while traveling so that they can rest, and they arrive at a hotel named Elysium.

Elysium is a hippie community, which is a surprise to the two city lovers. Justin Theroux, who plays Seth, is introduced as a member of the community who lives at Elysium. This character has a major part in making Linda feel more comfortable with the "free love" lifestyle of the community and the lack of societal pressure that comes with less responsibility. Seth is a narcissist, however, and does try to sell the commune behind the backs of the others. Because of the way the story unfolds, Linda and Seth have a semi-romantic relationship that allows her to reaffirm her connection with George and to discover a lifestyle choice she may or may not enjoy.

Seth's character is portrayed as a hippie who smokes pot, has narcissistic values, and doesn't necessarily take care of himself or listen to others. Linda is quite the opposite, which is part of the reason the movie's romantic relationship between the characters is complicated and interesting. The movie focuses on Seth wanting to sleep with Linda at parts, on education about the commune, and other factors; however, on set, this relationship isn't quite what the media and others have made it out to be.

On set, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are good friends that don't dabble into their very real relationship. Jennifer has mentioned that the entire movie was spent laughing, and that she had a hard time actually focusing on acting because it was such a pleasurable cast to work with. She has stated that the cut scenes and alternate cuts are filled with scenes of the two of them laughing and having a good time, and that focusing was actually the biggest challenge of being on set, even though she was there with her now significant other. The cast is said to have gone to Rudd's house for karaoke nights and parties after filming.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are dating, and despite reports by the media, Jennifer insists that nothing romantic happened on set during the filming. During the movie, the characters are great friends, so that is what the two portrayed while they were on set. There are nude scenes and cut sections that are rumored to have been removed at Aniston's request, but the directors have stated that this is not the case and that the movie is exactly how it is supposed to be. During filming, the two were rumored to be dating, but this is not the case.

Justin and Jennifer have known each other for a long time, at least five years before the release of this movie. Justin stated (about Jennifer), "I adore her. We had such a great time." Jennifer has mentioned the nudity in the film as liberating, and the two filmed the scenes together in a comfortable way that was more fun than romantically inviting.

Justin and Jennifer have known each other since around the time of the 2008 filming of "Tropic Thunder," where they worked together. Prior to the filming release of "Wanderlust," the two had been dating for nearly a year, although the media still likes to guess about the current state of their relationship.

Jennifer, 43, and Justin 40, stated that they had been platonic during 2010, when "Wanderlust" was starting to be filmed, which is years before the 2012 release date. After filming, they agree, the two began dating. They both have publicly announced and expressed their affection for one another, which is why Justin Theroux finds it odd that people still question their relationship on and off set.