Jennifer Lawrence's sequel misery

March 23rd, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence assumed she wouldn't want to return to make the 'Hunger Games' sequels.

The actress - who plays the role of Katniss in the futuristic tale of youngsters made to fight to the death for television audiences - admits she was excited when she first signed up to the series, but thought she would not be so keen on the sequels until she had finished shooting.

She said: '' I remember signing on to it and think, 'Well I'll probably have fun on the first one and be miserable for the others,' but really I'm excited to get back into training, I'm excited to get everybody back together, that was such a fun movie to shoot.

''A time where an actor gets to do a character and a story that they really love and look up to and feel so strongly about, that happens maybe once in a lifetime maybe once every ten years, it doesn't happen a lot and I get to do it once a year, and also with people that I love.''

While filming the first movie, Oscar-nominated Jennifer admitted she was shocked at how such a big-budget picture could feel so small.

She added to ''It feels like an indie. Preparing for the script and the filmmaking side of it was nothing like this. We made an amazing film; Gary Ross made a war movie. Making it felt so un-tentpole, and even watching it I feel that way as well.

''I think it's odd to kind of leave the set and leave the creative process that felt so organic and small in so many ways, and then all of a sudden to do this press tour and to find out that it's so much bigger than it felt on set.''