Chloe Moretz gets stuck in a Rut?

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Megan Fox stars as Jennifer, an arrogant and conceited cheerleader who becomes possessed after a fire at a local bar. Suddenly she begins off killing her male classmates one by one, and her nerdy best friend (Amanda Seyfried) must stop her before she gets to her boyfriend Chip.
July 30th, 2010

Chloe Moretz is in talks to star in 'The Rut'.

The 'Kick-Ass' actress - who played controversial pre-teen superhero Hit Girl in the action comedy - is in negotiations to take a starring role in the Karyn Kusama-directed drama.

Chloe would play the daughter of a hunter who must learn the tricks of hunting when her father goes missing, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The movie would be quite a departure for Kusama, whose biggest movie so far 'Jennifer's Body' focused on the teen slasher market with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried taking leading roles.

It is the second indie-drama the 13-year-old British actress is set to work on - she has also signed up to play a lead role in 'Hick'.

She is currently filming the role of Isabelle in Martin Scorsese's new family 3-D adventure 'Hugo Cabret' alongside Jude Law, Sacha Baron Cohen and Emily Mortimer, before beginning work on 'The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' with Jessica Biel.