Why "Jersey Boys" Is One of the Most Highly Anticipated Films of the Summer

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
June 17th, 2014

"Jersey Boys" is one of the most highly anticipated musical films of the summer of 2014, pulling together some of Hollywood's biggest stars and a few Broadway legends. While "Jersey Boys" has long been a beloved musical, the Warner Brothers big-screen adaptation has captivated devoted fans and new audiences alike. Director Clint Eastwood will likely always be known for his rough-and-tough Western antiheroes, but "Jersey Boys" promises to help the famous actor break out of that mold and further cement his status as a truly versatile director.

The "Jersey Boys" cast is a major reason why fans and critics are buzzing about this big-screen debut. John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, Vincent Piazza and Michael Lomenda make up one of the most talented and beloved casts in musical-to-movie history. These four actors portray the members of The Four Seasons, the band that leads the film. "Jersey Boys" tells the tale of the band's rise and fall from fame, chronicling the often painful lessons it learns along the way. With the feel of a classic rock-and-roll biopic, "Jersey Boys" offers filmmakers a great way to bring that genre to a whole new audience.

As with the play, the "Jersey Boys" film is divided into four separate sections, representing the four major arcs of the band's life, the titular Four Seasons and the four band members themselves. Each of the four main characters tells his story, giving the audience a new insight into what made the band thrive and then what let it slip into obscurity. The musical "Jersey Boys" is known for its realistic telling of the rags-to-riches story as it plays out in Americana fashion, and the film is anticipated to do the same.

What really has audiences raving about "Jersey Boys" is the film's retro setting. While Broadway is no stranger to larger-than-life adaptations of retro storylines, such as "Hairspray," the big screen has seen less of this iconic era. The story of "Jersey Boys" itself has always captured the contemporary imagination, especially amid an era of overnight celebrities and pop culture. The chance to see a group of four kids from New Jersey slowly make its way up the ranks of the movie industry is a breath of fresh air in the midst of blockbuster thrillers and fantasy films. "Jersey Boys" is one of those films that proves that sometimes audiences simply want a simple film with a whole lot of heart.

In addition to choosing a setting that is in demand for audiences around the world, "Jersey Boys" is being released at the perfect time for its genre. Summer is a time when theaters are filled with big blockbuster films and fast-paced stories. Audiences are more than eager to slow down and cool off with a nostalgic offering like "Jersey Boys" that reminds them of a simpler time and encourages them to enjoy the moment. "Jersey Boys" may have its serious moments, but at the very core, this film is full of fun and heart. If there is anything that summer moviegoers appreciate, it is a lighthearted film that delivers on laughs and sentiment.

Another exciting aspect of the "Jersey Boys" film is its expansive song list. Musicals-turned-movies often excel by finding a middle ground between musically dominated plays and films that simply use music as a background element. The film is certainly more palatable for moviegoers who want to enjoy the retro styles and over-the-top musical numbers of "Jersey Boys," while still feeling as if they are watching a movie and not a play. The "Jersey Boys" film is expected to be a highly polished adaptation of the classic play, not only in terms of looks but in the music and story as well. Younger audiences have shown their desire for colorful films with a musical element time and time again through box office numbers for films like "Chicago," "Hairspray," "Across the Universe" and "Mamma Mia!" This film will undoubtedly be a star in the often overlooked yet highly sought after genre of musicals adapted to the big screen.

"Jersey Boys" is one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer for good reason. The movie is packed with great dialogue, fresh performances and a delightfully nostalgic vibe. Even those who are not typically fans of musicals will find something to love in this cinematic breath of fresh air with its stylish costumes, bold musical numbers and endearing cast members. "Jersey Boys" stands poised to bring rock and roll back to the big screen in 2014.