Jesse Eisenberg forced to watch films by therapist

February 4th, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg has been told to watch his own films by a therapist.

The 'Social Network' actor says he hates watching himself on screen and he is so critical about his talent he has to have regular sessions with a psychologist, who suggested he watch his own movies back.

He said: "My therapist says that I should watch my films because you have to treat it with respect."

However, although the 27-year-old star has been given Best Actor awards from the National Board of Review and Screen Actors Guild as well as nominations for the Academy Awards, BAFTAs and Golden Globes he is still crippled with self-doubt and finds it difficult to accept compliments.

He explained to The Independent Newspaper: "The more people say nice things about me, the more I feel it's false. Or the more I look for the things that are bad about me, and think those are the real ones.

"I could overhear somebody say something about me, and it destroys me for week. Yet I could win an award or hear nice reviews and it feels meaningless.

"I'm able to manipulate things into being bad, which is not a healthy way to live but that's where I am now."