Jesse Eisenberg prefers small movies

July 7th, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg prefers working on "smaller" movies.

The actor - who can next be seen in independent crime drama 'Holy Rollers' - insists nothing in his career has changed since he received an Oscar nomination for 'The Social Network' but is happy he is still offered lower budget films because he finds it easier to relate to the characters.

Asked if his career has changed, he said: "No. I mean, it really hasn't. The next movie I'm doing is the same size as Holy Rollers. It's taken the same amount of time to raise the money, two years. It's nice to be in things that people like, but it hasn't really changed for me. My career, I guess, hasn't changed.

"I'm attracted to a very certain type of movie that doesn't get made based on prior success. I like personal stories, and I like smaller movies, in general.

"The movies that are really big, at least in my experience, oftentimes don't have characters that I feel as personally connected to."

Jesse's work has spanned a number of different genres, which he insists has not been a deliberate career tactic.

He explained: "I just auditioned for all these movies and have received different parts, but I haven't really been in control of it. 'Zombieland', I had auditioned for many times. 'The Social Network', I had auditioned for many times. 'The Squid And The Whale', I had to audition for, like, seven times. So, that I've wound up in movies that look different is not by virtue of me choosing them. It's by virtue of them choosing me."