Jessica Chastain's 'strange' career

January 24th, 2012

Jessica Chastain has had a ''strange year'' in her career.

The flame-haired actress has appeared in films including 'The Tree of Life', 'The Help' and 'The Debt' in the last year, and she admits work has been ''feast or famine'' considering she has had so many movies out in such a short time.

She said: ''This has been such a very strange year for me. It was a bit of a joke in my life, where it was called the 'Chastain curse,' where I made eleven films in four and a half years and for some reason they would be stalled, or companies would be sold. It was a bit of a comedy.

''Then to have just the flip side of it where they all now come out within six months of each other. It's really feast or famine in this business.''

However, she admits she was particularly nervous going on to the set of her current film 'Coriolanus' as fellow star Ralph Fiennes looked so terrifying in his make-up.

She added: '' I remember when I first arrived on set they had started filming. They were actually filming the fight scene where Ralph Fiennes is absolutely covered in blood, all you see is his eyes.

''We had scheduled a lunch to talk about Virgilia and Coriolanus. I was just off the plane so I thought, 'Ok, lets talk about this.' And then I show up, he's completely in costume, completely covered in blood, and we're eating, I'm not very talkative, and Ralph says to me, 'Are you aright, you're very quiet, is everything ok?' And I replied, 'Do you know what you look like right now!' ''