Shia LaBeouf's natural Lawless 'buoyancy'

August 24th, 2012

Shia LaBeouf's ''infectious natural buoyancy'' put his co-stars in a good mood on the set of 'Lawless'.

Guy Pearce insists the 26-year-old actor was ''great to be around'' while filming the forthcoming epic gangster movie - which also stars Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Jessica Chastain - because he was ''hilarious'' and has a ''wonderful energy about him''.

He said: ''Shia's fantastic, he's hilarious and you forget how young he is. He's got a wonderful energy about him. He's got a great whit and really just a great ability to say things how they are.

''I'd never known Shia before, and I know people that have worked with him, and somebody asked me if he's still really caffeinated, and he kind of is. Shia has a natural buoyancy which is really infectious and really great to be around. And he's funny, he's a funny, fun guy.''

Guy admits he was initially drawn to the movie partly due to the ''evocative'' style of director John Hillcoat - who he teamed up with on 'The Proposition' and 'The Road' - and the helmer's fine attention to detail.

He added to ''With John, everything is incredibly evocative, and that's just his style. It's why I'm drawn to working with him and I think that's why people are drawn to his films.

''It was great seeing John play with the actors as well, he's so tactile with his emotionality. He gets so excited when he sees a dynamic being created. It's a very inspiring experience working with John Hillcoat, there's no doubt about it. He doesn't leave anything untouched.''