Daniel Radcliffe: I had to prove I was a good actor

October 3rd, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe had to work hard to prove he was a good actor.

The 24-year-old star admits falling to the 'Harry Potter' franchise at the age of 11 meant that people in the film industry didn't take him seriously because they thought he'd just got lucky when he was cast.

Speaking to the New York Times newspaper, he said: ''I have a massive chip on my shoulder. When you fall into something at age 11 and get paid incredible amounts of money for your entire teenage years for doing a job anyone would want, there is a part of you that thinks everybody is just saying, 'He got there because he fell into it; he's not really an actor'.''

However, Daniel admits people are finally starting to realise his talent since he stepped away from the JK Rowling films.

He explained: ''I feel it less nowadays,'' he said. ''It has taken a long time to feel like I've earned the place that I'm at.''

The hunky actor started to resent starring in 'Harry Potter' during his younger years because he believes he missed out on his teenage life and the opportunity to meet new friends.

He said: ''I didn't have that normal teenage period when you build up your friends in your area and you have a social circle.

''Because of the life I've had, I'd grown up quicker than most people. I felt like I was entitled [to live by myself]. I can be honest about this now, because I know my parents know - but I wanted to smoke. I was hiding it like a fiend.''