Amy Adams: The Master was 'intense'

September 12th, 2012

Amy Adams found it ''pretty intense'' filming 'The Master'.

The 38-year-old actress plays cold and manipulative wife Peggy in Paul Thomas Anderson's dark drama about a religious cult and admits that working with Joaquin Phoenix and director Paul could be a challenging experience.

The flame-haired beauty said: ''It's very strange. Sometimes it would be two takes and sometimes it would be Joaquin walking back and forth for 12 hours.

''It didn't all end up in the film, but I feel like we did that for 12 hours. It started in the daytime and it was after midnight by the time we were done. It was pretty intense.''

However, Amy was quick to defend Joaquin - who was booed for his rude behaviour while promoting the film at the Venice Film Festival - as well as her director and revealed she is impressed by Joaquin's ''humanity'' in his role as a violent World War Two veteran.

She quipped: ''I turn into Peggy around them. I'm fiercely loyal, I am protective, and I will kick anyone's rear end if you are one to say anything negative.

''I've worked with Joaquin twice now and I feel like I have started to see his humanity through his process. So I am very loyal to him and I have worked with Phillip several times as well.

''I think they are just very open and honest people, and so it is hard for them to sit in a room and be looked at. It is hard for anyone.''

Asked what surprised her about working with Paul, Amy told ''How funny he was and how much we laughed on set. I thought it was going to be a very serious experience.''