Joaquin Phoenix needs 'help' on set

November 1st, 2012

Joaquin Phoenix ''needs a lot of help'' on set.

The 'Walk the Line' star has twice been nominated for an Oscar, but he does not rate his ability as an actor, saying he is ''not very good'', and requires the co-operation from everyone who works on a movie with him.

He said: ''I think the trouble is that I'm not very good and I need a lot of help; I need the entire set to be working to help me. The only way I can work is to be very close to the director and the acting.''

The 38-year-old star isn't the type of actor to appear in a Hollywood blockbuster movie, but he doesn't actively dislike them, and sees why they are made.

Referring to his latest film, 'The Master' - about a young man taken in by the mysterious leader of a cult-like group called The Cause - he added to the Independent newspaper: ''If every single movie was 'The Master' it would be a pretty boring world out there. I think it's fine to have those blockbusters. I'm not against those movies. I just don't want to experience them. I haven't done one but I don't know what I'll do tomorrow.''