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Joel Coen is a famous director, writer and producer and one half of the film-making duo known as the Coen brothers. The brothers' successful collaborations include films like Fargo (1996), The Big Lebowski (1998), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), No Country for Old Men (2007) & True Grit (2010). Joel has won 4 Oscars, all of which he shares credit for with his brother Ethan. The pair received three of those accolades at the 2008 Academy Awards, when they were recognized for their work on the crime thriller No Country for Old Men. The remaining Oscar, Joel and Ethan's first, was received at the 1997 ceremony in honor of their Fargo screenplay.

Recently, Joel received sole credit for directing and Ethan for producing. The two often alternate top billing for their screenplays while sharing film credits for editor under the alias Roderick Jaynes.