John C. Reilly: 'Film is a director's medium'

September 15th, 2010

John C. Reilly thinks film is a "director's medium".

The 'Cyrus' actor admits he used to select a script based on the character, but now realises he has little creative control as the final decisions come down to the filmmakers.

He said: "What is my criteria for taking a role? I used to base it totally on the character, 'Is this a character I want to play?' 'Is this something I have done before?'

"I still think about character a lot, because the truth is there is little you can control as an actor because film is a director's medium.

"So I ask, 'Is this a character I can believe in?' 'Is this something I can feel connected to?' Beyond that I look for people have are inspired and have a vision for what they are doing."

The acclaimed star also reveals he has wondered if he "fits in" with the acting world any longer as he does not consider himself a celebrity.

He told "Often in this age of 'American Idol' I wonder where someone like me fits in. I'm an actor and not really a celebrity. Every time someone says to me, 'Oh you are a celebrity' I honestly don't think of myself in that way. I didn't become an actor to become famous or wealthy. I did it because this is what I love to do."