John C. Reilly praises funnyman Will Ferrell

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February 21st, 2011

John C. Reilly says no one can make him laugh like Will Ferrell.

The 45-year-old actor, who has starred with Will in comedies 'Step Brothers' and 'Talladega Nights', says the funnyman often has his co-stars "falling down" from laughing so much.

He said: "Will Ferrell gets me more than anyone else. It's just this quality he has."

John went on to say that the reason his 43-year-old friend is so hilarious is his "commitment" to playing a joke until the very end.

Talking about a prank the 'Anchorman' star once played on his 'Talladega Nights' castmates during a party he told Shortlist: "All of a sudden his car pulls up really slowly with [starts to sing] 'I can feel it coming in the air tonight', with the passenger seat window rolled down and Will is just staring at me dead serious, just creeping along the porch with music blasting.

"He did it, like, five times. He would go around the block and then again, another song would be on. Anyone else would do one song and be like, 'Ha-ha, got you'. But not Will. We were just falling down, laughing so much."