John Malkovich to get Siberian Education

July 5th, 2011

John Malkovich will star in the film adaptation of 'Siberian Education'.

The movie will be based on the memoir of Nicolai Lilin, which focuses on his time growing up in the criminal underworld of Transnistria, an officially unrecognised separatist territory located between Moldova and Ukraine.

The story revolves around a group known as Urkas, a tightly knit community of 'honest criminals' exiled to Transnistria by Stalin, and explores their codes of loyalty and respect, their distrust of authority and the mechanics of a community outside of normal society.

Malkovich's part will be of Grandfather Kuzja, who "teaches his grandson Kolyma the morals of 'honest criminals'.

Kolyma will be played by Lithuanian actor Arnas Fedaravicius.

The project is set between 1985-1995 and filming is slated to star in Lithuania at the end of August, and will also include some filming in Italy.

Malkovich has previously assumed a widely well received Russian accent for 'Rounders', which he is likely to reprise for 'Siberian Education'.