John C. Reilly doesn't expect awards for comedies

February 20th, 2011

John C. Reilly thinks comedy films are not "respectable" enough to win awards.

The 'Step Brothers' actor thinks funny films should be recognised for their popularity, but is not surprised that they rarely get nominated.

He explained: "Comedy is not very respectable by nature and that's a good thing. On one hand, comedies are beloved movies that audiences really respond to - why shouldn't they be represented in what is basically our yearly convention as filmmakers?

"But I also understand why it hasn't happened, because if you make the jester the king, they're not a jester anymore. His job is to be there as a counterpoint to the king."

The 45-year-old star - who was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category at the Academy Awards in 2002 for his dramatic role in 'Chicago' - also said he thinks his latest film 'Cyrus' is the perfect blend of drama and comedy.

In it he plays John, a hapless suitor who clashes with his love interest's son, portrayed by Jonah Hill.

He said: "I loved the freedom that we had. Things could be awkward for a minute as long as it was truthful and honest. And the film goes to deeper places emotionally than a straight-up comedy might. There are still a lot of big laughs, though."