Jonah Hill for Pitchfork?

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Russell Brand reprises his character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall in this hilarious comedy. Jonah Hill plays Aaron Green, a record company intern whose tasked with going to London and escorting British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) back to the Greek Theatre for a comeback concert. Along the way he must deal with the star's appetite for women and partying as they make unintended stopovers in New York and Las Vegas. Green's boss, Sergio Roma, is played by a surprisingly funny Sean Combs.
June 10th, 2011

Jonah Hill could be set to star in 'Pitchfork'.

Writer-directors Mark and Jay Duplass - who worked with Jonah on 'Cyrus', which also starred Marisa Tomei - are reportedly interested in using the 'Get Him to the Greek' actor for a mother-son part in their latest movie, with Susan Sarandon believed to be in line to play the parent.

The film tells the story about a mother whose son is killed in a car accident, so the middle-aged woman seeks vengeance on a music critic, who made fun of her son, before finding out he is just a teenager.

Brothers Mark and Jay - who worked together on 2005 movie 'The Puffy Chair' - may have taken advice from John C. Reilly, who starred with Jonah in 'Cyrus', after he previously praised the 27-year-old actor, saying he can turn his hand to far more than the comedy acting he is known for.

He added: "He's a really, really a great actor you know? People think of him as this comedic actor, but he's really just a good actor. He just has a real knack for the truth."