Jonah Hill teases Jump Street surprises

November 1st, 2011

Jonah Hill has teased there will be "surprise guests" in the '21 Jump Street' movie.

The actor has just finished working on the film - which is based on the Johnny Depp-starring 1980s TV show - and is thrilled with the results, though he is refusing to stay who he persuaded to take on a cameo role.

He said: "'21 Jump Street' is great. I just made that, and produced it and was a writer on it. It's starring myself and Channing Tatum, and maybe some surprise guests. You'll have to watch to find out who. You're going to have to see the movie because I'm not going to tell you anything, but I will say that it's a pretty amazing movie."

'21 Jump Street' is not the only movie Jonah is being secretive about revealing Fox have bought the rights to one of his films as part of a development deal he has with the company, but he is refusing to give any details of the project.

He told website Collider: "I wrote a pilot for Fox that they bought, and I'm going to get some notes from them soon. I have some really cool stuff, one thing in particular that's really exciting, that I can't talk about yet. But, we are putting the majority of our time into Allen Gregory right now."

It was previously confirmed that Johnny- who shot to fame in 1987 as Officer Tom Hanson in the undercover police TV drama - would have a cameo role in the movie.