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Jordan Bratman is part of the American music industry and is married to superstar Christina Aguilera with whom the two have a beautiful son named Max. Pictures of Jordan Bratman with his wife Christina Aguilera and their son Max can be found at Gossip Center.

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Christina Aguilera will never put movies before her music career. The 30-year-old star made her film debut last year in 'Burlesque', and while she is looking for more cinematic...
Christina Aguilera thinks her future lies in movies. The 29-year-old star - who has made her film debut with new musical 'Burlesque' - would like to work on projects away from the...
Christina Aguilera wanted to take part in 'Burlesque' because it deals with female empowerment. The 'Dirrty' singer attended the premiere for the movie with co-star Cher at...

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