Joseph Gordon-Levitt's challenging movie

August 22nd, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says new film 'Premium Rush' was one of the biggest physical challenge of his career.

The actor takes on the role of bike messenger Wilee in the action thriller and says being on a bike every day during filming took its toll.

He said: ''Well, just as far as the physical challenge, I would say 'Premium Rush' was the hardest one, and 'Inception' would come in with a close second. I was on a bike, every day, all day. The whole movie is on a bike. 'Inception' has some cool action sequences, but this was the entire movie.''

Joseph also said he has a new-found respect for people who ride bikes as there's such a sense of community between them.

He told ''What stood out to me was the sense of community. There's a real culture and ethic around messengers, but also just people who are into bikes and that ride bikes.

''There's a real morale with that. They're really into having more bikes and less cars, and that's true. If more people rode bikes and less people drove cars, the air would be in better shape and people would be in better shape. Bikes are clearly a superior form of transportation when it comes to just simple getting around. A car makes sense if you need to carry a bunch of stuff.''