Will Smith to return to I Am Legend?

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Will Smith stars in this adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1950's Sci-Fi novel. It's 2012, three years after a plague caused many of New York City's inhabitants to evacuate the area. Of those who still remain, Robert Neville (Smith) is the only person who hasn't been transformed into a bloodthirsty zombie. Living alone in a Townhouse with his German Shepard, he searches for a way to reverse the disease that has taken over the human race.
February 20th, 2012

Warner Bros. has assigned Arash Amel to work on another instalment of Will Smith's 'I Am Legend'.

The movie studio is keen for Will to reprise the role of scientist Robert Neville for a prequel to the first film, which told the story of the last man on earth and grossed $585 million worldwide on its release in 2007.

The original movie was based on the book by Richard Matheson.

However, Will won't commit until the script is ready, with original director Francis Lawrence also not yet on board, Deadline.com reports.

Will has had a quiet few years in terms of starring roles, with his last big movie being 2008's 'Seven Pounds'.

He will next be seen reprising the role of Agent J in 'Men In Black III' alongside Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson and Tommy Lee Jones.

Despite stepping away from the spotlight as a leading star in recent years, Will has worked as a producer on both 'The Karate Kid' - which starred his son Jaden - and romantic comedy 'This Means War'.