Michael Caine got drunk on Alfie

July 1st, 2011

Sir Michael Caine was drunk while filming his first scene with Shelley Winters in 'Alfie'.

The 78-year-old icon appeared as the lead character in 1966 hit '- remade in 2004 starring Jude Law- and he has revealed that he was so nervous working with American star Shelley that just before their scene was about to start his mouth had "gone dry with nerves", leading to him accidentally drinking vodka on set.

He told Empire magazine: "I remember the first scene I did with Shelly, in the studio. We had a lot of dialogue and I was a bit nervous. I was just about to start and my mouth had gone dry with nerves. I had a quick sip of her water and it was straight vodka! This was 8.30 in the morning! I was p**sed by the end of it."

'The Italian Job' star also admitted he was once worried his earnings could damage his career if journalists knew his mum still worked as a cleaner.

He said: "I was getting £1 million a picture. If the press finds out that I'm earning this kind of money and you're cleaning offices , my name will be bloody mud!"

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