Ian McKellen for Buxom Strumpet zombie movie

May 19th, 2011

Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench and Gillian Anderson have signed up for new movie 'The Curse Of The Buxom Strumpet'.

The trio will all appear in Matthew Butler's 18th century zombie romp, in which the inhabitants of a small seaside town called Upper Trollop are struck down with a deadly illness.

The film is an extension of Butler's 20-minute comedy 'E'gad Zombies', which also starred McKellen as narrator.

McKellen has already filmed his scenes and narration for 'The Curse Of The Buxom Strumpet' and he is now busy working in New Zealand on 'The Hobbit'.

Dench is set to play Mrs Halfpint, with Anderson taking the lead role.

As well as directing, Butler will also produce the movie alongside Tori Hart for their UK production company Fizz and Ginger, with Margaret Matheson executive producing.

Butler is in talks with sales agents in Cannes, with a view to shooting the £2m film in Scotland later this year.