Lily Collins: 'Snow White is relatable'

April 3rd, 2012

Lily Collins believes ''every'' woman has ''a bit'' of Snow White in them.

The actress portrays the fairytale character in new movie 'Mirror Mirror' - opposite Julia Roberts as the evil queen - and she believes all females will be able to relate to the part because they have similar traits.

She said: ''Every little girl and every adult woman has a bit of Snow in them, and I think that everyone embodies that princess as a kid and has an idea of who she is. So I didn't want to try to make everybody happy with everyone's version of Snow White.

''I wanted to create a real girl that kind of had the same qualities but could be a modern girl that people are friends with. So it was just making sure that I kept her down-to-earth and not some caricature of some fairy tale princess.''

Lily believes the new version of the film - which is one of two being released this year - allows people to ''disappear'' into the fairytale world.

She added: ''I think that's also somewhere or something that adults and children can both enjoy on different levels and appreciate together, which is fun - especially in today's day and age, to go and disappear into a fairy tale for a bit.''