Lily Collins was final person cast for Mirror Mirror

April 2nd, 2012

Lily Collins was the last person cast for 'Mirror Mirror'.

Although the British actress plays the main character Snow White in the movie based on the fairytale, director Tarsem Singh admitted she was the final person he hired from the main cast for the movie.

He told ''She was the last person I cast. I first cast the queen (Julia Roberts), and then I went for the prince (Armie Hammer), and then I started looking for Snow White. And there was a push towards certain girls, but I was like, '''No, let's just hang in there.' Lily was the only one that, when she came in, I wasn't there and somebody said, 'We just saw this girl. You need to take a look at her tape.'

''Lily is amazing! I just thought she was so beautiful. She is on the cusp of becoming a woman. She could be naive. She could play everything. She just couldn't punch well. I said, 'Learn to punch! It doesn't have to be real for you. It has to be real from where I tell you I'm looking from.' Once she got that, that was it. The only thing I had to teach her was how to punch. Everything else came from Lily.''

However, Tarsem revealed he first had to check with Julia to make sure she approved because of a clause in her contract giving her a vote on casting.

He said: ''Because Julia Roberts had to have the okay on the casting, under contract, I said, 'Can you call her?' I told her, 'I've just met this girl and I like her a lot, but we might lose her.' And she said, 'I don't need to know who that is. If you like her, go for it!' That was just such a wonderful, empowering statement. It was just easy from there.''