Is Justin Bieber Planning a Movie Career?

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
June 20th, 2012

Is Justin Bieber Planning a Movie Career?
-- The main question on the minds of hordes of screaming fans around the world is whether Justin Bieber will appear in any upcoming films. At just 18 years old, he already has a full-time music career and is one of the hardest working musicians in the industry. Currently, he has not one, but two albums in development. Even so, the young star does not appear to be satisfied with being simply a musical heartthrob. It would seem that fans may get their wish to see Bieber in another film role.

When Bieber appeared in the film "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," he was already a well-known star. The film was directed by Jon Chu and achieved significant box office success with an estimated $12.4 million in earnings on opening day alone. The movie later went on to gross a total of $31 million. Since the film's release in 2011, fans have been clamoring to know whether they can expect to see Bieber in any future film projects.

Fortunately for fans, Bieber has revealed that he has plans to make another movie. He has even stated that his team is already working on the ideal script. This certainly leads to the question of what type of movie Bieber might appear in. For his part, Bieber has stated he would like to work on a comedy, perhaps even a project with Will Ferrell.

Whether or not his next film project will be comedic in nature remains to be seen. Bieber has revealed that "Men in Black 3" star Will Smith has been working with him to help choose his next movie project. There are strong indications Bieber will appear in a basketball-related film with actor Mark Wahlberg. At the moment, the script for the prospective project is still in development. When complete, the film would be similar to "The Color of Money," which starred Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. In this case, Wahlberg would play a mentor of sorts to rookie Bieber. While "The Color of Money" involved the game of pool, Bieber's new film is expected to involve basketball. Currently, little else is known about the film's plot.

Bieber is also reported to be interested in starring in a remake of the film "Fear." The original 1996 movie cast Mark Wahlberg as a boyfriend with an unhealthy obsession for his girlfriend. While the original movie was rated R, the remake would be toned down for Bieber's teen fans to a rating of PG-13.

After Bieber guest-starred on an episode of "CSI," he revealed that he does have a strong interest in pursuing a career in acting, even though he has already become a teen singing sensation. In fact, he has stated he would like to be an all-around entertainer. Following his appearance on "CSI," the producer of the show gave Bieber high praise and stated that the young star impressed the entire cast with his strong work ethic.

It was after Bieber's appearance on "CSI" that rumors began to circulate that Bieber was collaborating with Ashton Kutcher to appear in a film titled "What Would Kenny Do?" The plot of the film involves a guy who travels back in time in order to guide his teenaged self through the angst of high school. The original script for the movie appeared on the list in 2008 for best un-produced screenplays. Since that time, the script has been significantly re-worked and is under the oversight of Will Smith's company, Overbrook Entertainment. It is expected that at least one more rewrite of the film will take place. A director is also currently being sought for the film project. Considering the fact that Bieber is booked solid through 2012, the earliest he could potentially begin working on the project is 2013.

While Bieber certainly appears to have what it takes to succeed in an acting career, he still has his music business to take care of. His highly-anticipated album, "Believe", will soon be released. He is then scheduled to begin a tour, which is completely sold out.

The musician's desire to pursue a film career should come as no surprise to fans. Bieber has been romantically linked with actress Selena Gomez for over a year, and he has publicly stated that he fully supports her movie career. Will the couple ever film a movie together? Only time will tell; but, as fans may come to learn, when it comes to Bieber's acting career, they should "Never Say Never."