Justin Bieber says new film converted haters

February 18th, 2011

Justin Bieber says his film, 'Never Say Never 3-D' has converted even people who "hate" him to fans.

The 'U Smile' hitmaker revealed he was presently surprised after seeing a video blog reviewing his new movie - which tells the story of his rise to fame over the last two years -because it didn't criticise him, as he had expected.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I was on the internet and I saw these videos of these guys like, reviewing the film, it said 'Justin Bieber movie review' and I was thinking, 'Right, this guy is just going to be hating on me for ten minutes saying that I am ugly, I look like a girl and my voice hasn't dropped and all this stuff'

"So I went to the video, and this guy said, 'Ok, I'm not going to lie, I hated Justin Bieber and now after watching this movie, it got me to really respect him' so that was really, really cool."

Justin also told how he thinks the journey that people see him making on screen film can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of whether they are a fan of his music.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "I hope people go to the movie, just to see the experience that I'm going through, whether you're a fan of me or not.

"There are some people that may not like my style of music, they may like rock or some other style of music but if you see the movie it's made for everybody."

'Never Say Never 3-D', which charts Justin's rise to fame, is in U.K. cinemas from today (18.02.11).