The Karate Kid comes to London

July 16th, 2010

The stars of 'The Karate Kid' were in London last night for the movie's UK premiere (15.07.10).

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith -accompanied by his parents, 'The Karate Kid' producers Will and Jada and sister Willow - walked the red carpet in London's Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square for the special screening of the movie.

Commenting on his training regime, 12-year-old Jaden- who plays the lead role in the action movie - revealed he found the schedule punishing.

Speaking at the premiere, Jaden said: "I was so tired. I was doing push ups, pull ups, sit ups and chin ups five hours a day."

And co-star Jackie Chan praised the young actor's dedication, revealing that he is still training now.

He said: "He is so dedicated, training all the time. He is still training now, I sent over my best boy from my academy and he is working with Jaden."

However, he wasn't quite so excited about the prospect of watching the movie again saying: "I've seen it so many times".

Proud parents Will and Jada Smith revealed their excitement at Jaden's future career prospects.

Jada said: "He has the opportunity to do what he wants now so let's just wait and see."

Will added: "There's nothing better to do with your life than make people happy. This is a great job."

Other stars in attendance at the event included singers Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder, former 'Hollyoaks' actor Stuart Manning and pregnant ex-'EastEnder' Natalie Cassidy.