Kate Winslet lost creativity after award win

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star in this romantic drama based on the novel by Richard Yates. As a young couple living in the Connecticut suburbs during the 1950s, April (Winslet) and Frank Wheeler (DiCaprio) appear to have a happy existence. He goes into New York City for work each day, and she stays at home to care for their two children. Beneath the surface, however, Frank and April are not truly happy.
March 12th, 2011

Kate Winslet didn't feel creative after her Oscar win.

The British actress - who won the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in 'Revolutionary Road' in 2009 - took her time before picking her forthcoming project 'Mildred Pierce' because she didn't feel productive but think she has put in a better performance for waiting.

She said: "I just waited until the dust had settled and I was ready to engage with - it sounds so w**ky - my creative side again. In the last few years I've allowed myself to acknowledge the fact that I do really need my job. I need that outlet.

"And so, not only did I feel good and ready, I felt good and ready to be destroyed by a role again."

Despite now returning to work, 35-year-old Kate - who split with husband Sam Mendes last year - believes she is happier than ever, something she is "surprised" at.

She told Vogue magazine: "I actually keep saying it out loud. Last night, I went out for a drink with two friends, and as we were talking I said, 'God, you know, I feel so good.' Not in a, 'Wow! I feel so good!' way, but just in that quiet centred way.

"I'm almost surprised by it. I feel well. I feel healthy. I feel clear. I feel centred."