Russell Brand and Helen Mirren's bed scene love

April 14th, 2011

Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren enjoyed sharing a bed in 'Arthur'.

The veteran actress says although she was disappointed that the funnyman - who used to have a reputation as a lothario but is now married to Katy Perry - didn't make a move on her she found the experience of shooting a bedroom scene with him "nice."

She said: "I was hoping he would [try it on] but he never did. We did get into bed with each other. I mean, we did have a scene in bed. That was nice."

Russell said he also enjoyed sharing a bed with his 65-year-old co-star and revealed that although the pair weren't able to get saucy under the covers they created an "igloo of intimacy".

He told Stylist magazine: "That was nice. With everybody still there, on set. But we did manage to create an igloo of intimacy.

"But there were people there and we are both adults in committed relationships so that would not have been the perfect opportunity, or time, to express ourselves in any other way than verbally."

Helen has previously admitted that she found shooting 'Arthur' "tough" because it took her out of her comfort zone.

She said: "My God, comedy is tough, my Lord! Especially when you are working with really brilliant comedic people like Russell - it's almost like an action movie."