Russell Brand felt 'shy' in Arthur

April 22nd, 2011

Russell Brand admits he was "a bit shy" running around naked except for his underpants in 'Arthur'.

The comedy actor plays the titular role in the movie - about a playboy who stands to be disinherited for getting involved with a girl his family don't like - and found some of his more daring scenes were quite surreal.

When asked if running around semi-naked was a highlight, the usually confident Russell told BANG Showbiz: "I liked it, I suppose. I was a bit shy occasionally because sometimes we were outside and I was just in my underpants, like in those dreams you have where you wake up in your underpants, except I didn't wake up because I was already awake."

The 35-year-old comedian added his parents were supportive of his near-naked scenes and even wanted him to go a step further.

He added: "They were very fond of the whole caper, they said I should have taken off another layer!"

Russell - who is married to pop singer Katy Perry - didn't feel daunted to be taking on the role of Arthur - originally played by Dudley Moore - in the remake, and his familiarity with the film only meant he enjoyed it more.

He said: "I loved the original film, but that didn't make it pressured, that made the whole thing rather exciting."