The Summer of Documentaries: What to Expect

April 19th, 2012

The Summer of Documentaries: What to Expect

--In 2012, we find ourselves in the information age. Everyday individuals look to theater and television to learn about products and services. Documentaries can differ from one director to the next, due to the fact that the documentary comes from the opinion of the director. A documentary is simply a nonfiction account of something that people want more information about. This can be a motion picture about a specific movie star, or the documentary can provide information concerning a specific event. In 2012, we will see many interesting documentaries coming out in theaters.

In July 2012, Katy Perry will follow Justin Bieber's lead and release her own story for the world to see. The film is entitled "Katy Perry: Part of Me". It was produced by Paramount, the same production company that released the low-budget Bieber flick that grossed over $100 million. It is a 3-D documentary that puts fans right in the action. The film promises to take fans behind the scenes, both on and off the stage, to detail Katy's life and how she made it in Hollywood. Perry wants her fans to see her as just a girl like each one of them. The recent trailer suggests the film is more of a focus on her California Dreaming tour, but like the Bieber flick, fans should go away with a sense of who Perry really is. At first glance it is a film that takes the same direction as "Never Say Never". Those who enjoyed the Bieber film and Perry's own fans will enjoy the movie and the private peek into the life of Katy.

"Welcome to the Dream" is a documentary to be released in early summer of 2012. The film is the work of many retired musicians that tell the long, hard road of musicians everywhere. The film hopes to help young and upcoming musicians to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. It deals with the egos and every day existence of rock stars and their world. The films' campaign is "Kids cannot survive what they do not understand". It is produced by Rat Skates and Kundrat Productions.

"Innocence Abandoned" takes us behind the scenes to the horrible conditions in Haiti. The film is directed by Young Man Kang, and will be released in mid-July. The film spans a long ten years, and it provides viewers with an account of a group of young people living in the streets. It is a tale of survival and heartache. "Innocence Abandoned" shows the earthquake in Haiti and how one group had decided to take it upon themselves to create an orphanage for unwanted children. It's a tale of children raising children and protecting one another, along with the film crew, from the violence and danger in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The trailer shows many disturbing images, and it may not be suitable for younger children or those that are sensitive to violence and oppression. It reminds those in America how easy life is here and how humanitarian aid can reach out to protect children even in other countries.

"Obama's America, 2016" is a documentary that follows the President of the United States and his journey to the White House. It involves some big names in Hollywood, such as Steven Spielberg and Gerald Molen, along with a host of others. The film is based on the book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dinesh DSouza. The film is professionally done in an unbiased and un-opinionated account of Obama's life. It shows the history and ideology behind Obama's reign in office. Whether you hate the President or like him, the motion picture will allow you to see him for the man he is and not simply the public figure that is displayed in the news. It is a film that should be seen by both democrats and republicans to gain a clearer understanding of the Obama. No release date has been set, but it is scheduled for summer of 2012.

"Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" is the story of one of China's most famous international artists. He has been censored by the Chinese government for blending the fine lines of art and government. He tells his account of how the government shut down his blog, held him in detention, tore down his office and beat him up due to his views. Weiwei is a journalist and filmmaker who tries to show the world the socialist behaviors of the Chinese government. His works have been displayed in major museums. The film offers an intimate view of his interactions with family members and the Chinese government.

Documentaries are taking all directions of summer of 2012. Most seem to be based on the lives and trials of others in our society. Each film is sure to incite the feelings of its audience and educate the public.