Keira Knightley to keep English accent for Anna Karenina

September 12th, 2011

Keira Knightley will retain her English accent for 'Anna Karenina'.

The 'A Dangerous Method' actress - who will take on the title role in Joe Wright's adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel - has revealed the cast including Jude Law and Aaron Johnson and the director agreed on using English accents because it is an English-language movie.

Keira explained: "It's going to be an English accent. It's always very tricky when you are doing something that is meant to be in another language. Because you are like, what accent should it be, should you do that? Well, if you've got a Russian accent, why aren't you speaking Russian? It's an English-language film. So we have taken the decision that it's an English accent."

The 26-year-old actress is excited about playing the classic character and revealed she been studying the book and researching the 1800s in which it is set.

She said: "I've been reading the book now, for about two months, three months, poring through it, trying to pick pieces out of it, trying to figure it out. And then a couple of history books of that era in Russia, which is fascinating."

The original novel is thought to be inspired by Maria Hartung, the eldest daughter of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, and tells the tale of a woman who has an affair with a handsome nobleman in early 19th century Russia.