Sylvester Stallone's 'badass workout devices'

June 2nd, 2014

Sylvester Stallone had ''cheats'' for making himself look big'' for 'The Expendables 3'.

The 67-year-old actor had ''really badass workout devices'' which helped him bulk up for the film, revealed his co-star Kellan Lutz, who got some great advice from the Hollywood hunk.

Talking to, he explained: ''Sy has all these little gimmicky, really badass workout devices, like these long bars that are 8 pound bars, about 3 feet in length that he would use for his forearms. He would always had it on set and everyone loved it. So, he had the prop department build these forearm bars. Sly is awesome because he's like, 'Kellan, all you gotta worry about is your silhouette, how you look, how your silhouette looks. If you can get your traps big, your chest big, your back big, then you'll look big.' He had all these cheats for looking big and he looks massive.''

Lutz also insists training for the film was fun and it felt like the ''best frat party'' as the cast all got on well.

He added: ''Jason [Statham] would be doing his weights at the gym as well and we'd all spot each other. There was no competition at all, it was actually like the best frat party I could think of. I was never in a frat and having these guys who are just fun and funny and their own characters on and off screen but they're all boys at the end of the day. We would all go out or we'd all go to dinner, everyone came along.''