Diane Kruger's Neeson awe

March 4th, 2011

Diane Kruger thinks Liam Neeson is "almost mythical".

The former model - who worked with the Northern Irish actor on action thriller 'Unknown' - was "thrilled" to get to work with Liam because his reputation precedes him.

He said: "There's something almost mythical about a man like Liam Neeson. It's like he's been chiselled out of granite. Solid Irish granite, at that.

"I was thrilled to get a chance to work with him, and he proved to be just as sweet and centred and towering as I had imagined. There is something special about the Irish."

However she is concerned many Americans may now believe Europe is a scary place to visit, with many films - including 'Unknown', which sees Liam losing his memory after a coma and with someone else taken his identity - showing US citizens getting kidnapped there.

The German-born beauty told movies.ie: "There does seem to be a pattern emerging - and it's not just in Liam's films - that Europe is a dangerous place to take a holiday in. If you're not being cut up in a basement dungeon somewhere, you're having your identity, and your loved ones, taken away. Scary place, Europe."