Dolly Parton wants to play herself

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May 28th, 2011

Dolly Parton wants to play herself in a film of her life.

The country music legend would love to see her story turned into a movie and thins she would be a good choice to portray herself in the current stages of her career.

She said: "It would be great and there's been talk of it, so we'll see. There would have to be two or three actors - a young Dolly, a teenage one and then maybe I could play the old one."

Rumours of the movie have been surfacing for a while, but Dolly - who is famous for her buxom chest - thinks some of the stars linked with playing her don't have the right attributes.

She told Q magazine: "There were rumours about Reese Witherspoon being up for the role, but we'd have to get her a big old boob job or a big old bra.

"People have asked, 'What about Taylor Swift' but she's too tall, too slim and has no boobs. She's like a supermodel! You'd have to saw her legs off at the knee and get her a boob job to play me."

Instead, Dolly does have some ideas about who she would like to play her, a subject she has been considering while penning a musical about herself.

She said: "I'm actually writing my life story and I want Kristin Chenoweth to play me. She's a big Broadway star, my height and a great little singer."