Milla Jovovich's Stone tears

October 7th, 2010

Milla Jovovich cried when she won a role in 'Stone'.

The Ukrainian-born model and actress admits she was so happy to have been cast in the movie alongside Robert De Niro and Edward Norton she cried tears of joy.

She said: "I cried when they told me I'd got it. I was so happy that I was able to share more with these two icons."

The 34-year-old beauty confesses the John Curran-directed crime drama was special for her because she often doesn't get the opportunity to star in such films.

Speaking at the movie' s New York premiere, she added: "You don't get scripts like this every day. I get to do my little comedies, my big action films, but this movie is very special.

"There were quite a few days on set that I wouldn't bring my baby and I'd come home in tears, it was so intense."

Milla took to twitter following her appearance at the premiere, noting she had gone straight back to work on the new 'Three Musketeers' film - on which she is playing M'Lady De Winter.

She wrote: "Arrived yesterday evening from nyc n went straight 2 a costume fitting 4 "3M". So happy I got 2 go 2 the premiere of "stone" at the Moma!

"But now Milady awaits me. And so do her endless stream of corsets! Lol!(sic)"