Kevin James' mom hates fat jokes

October 11th, 2012

Kevin James' mother hates him joking about his size in movies.

The actor-and-producer insists he doesn't like being the butt of a gag in his films, but his mom gets ''upset'' by the humour.

The 'King of Queens' filmmaker said: While he said he doesn't mind the jokes, his mother is not a fan.

''If I do a movie where I have to have a son and it's a chubby kid, my mother is always like, 'You were never like that.' She gets so upset about it.''

The 'Here Comes the Boom' star wants to ''move'' people with his work and always wants to make movies he can watch with his kids, Sienna, seven, Shea, five, and 17-month-old Kannon.

He said in an interview with CNN: ''I want to do movies that I'm proud of where my kids, at some point, can see and I can feel comfortable sitting there watching it with them,'' he said. ''And just that move people. That make people feel a little bit better about themselves when they leave the theatre.''