Kevin Smith didn't feel like a director

August 15th, 2011

Kevin Smith "never felt like" a director.

The actor-and-filmmaker - whose two-part hockey movie 'Hit Somebody' will be his final work behind the camera - admits the film industry has changed his life, but he is retiring in order to find other ways of telling stories.

Asked why he is retiring from directing, he explained: "I never really felt like a director. I felt like a storyteller, and storytelling isn't just reserved for film. I do it on stage and on my podcasts.

"I love film. It changes my life on a regular basis, whether it's through the movies I make or the movies I watch. But I've done it for 20 years. It's like that moment in 'Forest Gump', when he's done running."

Kevin admits he found making films "easy", though he never intended to become a movie director.

He told the Globe and Mail newspaper: "I'm not one of those guys who was born to actually tell visual stories. I'm a carpetbagger who backed into film.

"It seemed like something that would be easy, and it turned out it kind of was, to some degree. It was the way we could start the conversation, where I could be like, 'Hello, I'm Kevin Smith. I'd like to talk to you until the day I die.' Film was the way in."