MOTW: Five Things Fans Don't Know About "Kick-Ass 2"

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
June 26th, 2013

MOTW: Five Things Fans Don't Know About "Kick-Ass 2"

Based on the comic book of the same name, the British-American film "Kick-Ass" was a surprise hit. The 2010 film grossed more than $10 million overseas before opening in America, and it eventually grossed nearly $100 million. In 2012, Universal Studios announced that a sequel would arrive in 2013 and that several stars from the previous film would return. From the moment the studio released its first trailer, fans wondered what the sequel would bring. While the trailer shows some of the biggest moments from "Kick-Ass 2," fans still don't know a few things about the new film.

How Big is Jim Carrey's Role?

Jim Carrey ("The Mask") hasn't had much success in the film world lately. While he was once one of the highest earning actors in the world, his last few films made far less than expected. Carrey appears in "Kick-Ass 2" as Sal Bertolinni and his alter ego Colonel Stars and Stripes. He appears fourth in the official cast list, just behind the three returning stars from the first film. Though he turns up in the trailers, fans can't help but wonder how big of a role he has in the film. No one knows if he is another hero, a villain, or just a bit of stunt casting to get people excited about the film.

What Happens to Hit Girl?

In the original film, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) is a young girl with a big secret. Not only does she don a costume to help save the world but she also works closely with her father, played by Nicholas Cage. Since "Kick Ass" arrived in theaters, Moretz gained a cult following, appearing in several films and taking on the lead role in the upcoming remake of "Carrie." Early reports indicate that she goes back to school in the sequel and has issues with her peers. This storyline might end with a massive battle in the high school, or it might lead to yet another story of a conflicted teenage girl.

Will Red Mist Really be a Threat?

"Kick-Ass" featured several villains including Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). When the first film ended, he had changed his name to a less family-friendly moniker and vowed to avenge the death of his father, who Kick-Ass killed. Mintz-Plasse was one of the first actors from the original film who signed on for the sequel, and he made it clear that he only came back because of a great script. It's uncertain what the future will hold for Red Mist, especially since the sequel introduces other villains.

How Close Will the Sequel Follow the Comic?

One of the main complaints fans had with the original "Kick-Ass" film was that it didn't follow the events in the comic book. Several of the key plot points never appeared in the film, and a few of the characters changed too. The new film's screenwriter hinted that he incorporated some elements from the comic into his script. Hopefully the film will have enough of those elements to appease fans of the comic.

What About Nicholas Cage?

Nicholas Cage ("Leaving Las Vegas") has had as much bad luck in the film world lately as Carrey with a string of films going straight to DVD. In "Kick-Ass," Cage portrayed Big Daddy, the father of Hit Girl, but he met a terrible end in that film. Characters coming back from the dead is nothing new in the world of comic book films, and fans wonder if Cage will make an appearance in this film. The studio announced that it talked to the actor about reprising his role as a cameo in the sequel, which makes sense given that the first film left out much of his backstory. In the movie, Big Daddy was a former police officer, but in the comic, he was a man who lied about his past and just loved comic book characters. Neither the studio nor Cage confirmed his appearance in the new film, but he did admit that he loved playing Big Daddy. Until the film arrives in theaters, fans will have to wait and wonder if Cage will return.

Sequels in Hollywood rarely make as much money as the original films, but "Kick-Ass 2" hopes to change that. By bringing back original cast members and introducing new characters, the screenwriter and director hopes that fans will love this movie just as much as the first one. Given the rumors surrounding the film, it's clear that "Kick-Ass 2" has a few surprises in store for fans.